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As eye doctors, we have seen the effects that eye disease can have on our patients’ lives and we wanted to help our patients preserve their vision. Our mission became to increase public awareness on the power of prevention on eye disease and vision loss. We strive to increase public awareness by sharing scientifically proven information in an easy to understand manner.

Over our years of practice there has been an increasing number of scientific studies that show a link between diet, lifestyle and the prevention of eye disease. As optometrists, we wanted to share this information with our patients and the public. We started analyzing the past and current research on nutrition and eye disease. This allowed us to identify the most important nutrients in the prevention of eye disease, Eye Nutrients. After careful analysis of hundreds of whole foods, we found the foods that contain the most Eye Nutrients. These are Eyefoods.

We knew from our own previous experience, it is one thing to know which foods are good for your eyes or your health, and another thing to consistently include them in your diet. This inspired us to create the Eyefoods plan: an easy to use tool to help integrate Eyefoods and lifestyle recommendations into your life.
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